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"The 8th Habit of Highly effective people by Stephen R Covey"

The 8th habit is to Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs"

(Voice is unique personal significance)

"This voice also compasses the soul of organizations that will survive, thrive and profoundly impact the future of the world."

A special word of thanks to the friends, colleagues and companies where I worked who all played a role in my life,

and therefore the story of Smart Placements.

To my amazing friends and family for their ongoing support.

You are the wind beneath my wings!

I would like to thank the following people personally for their input and ongoing support in helping me to create and start this dream from a hobby into Smart Placements:

E-Commerce Training and opportunities - Bayer SA - during my career with them. (All my colleagues at Bayer.)

Dr Tobie Oosthuizen - Marketing Manager

Recruitment opportunity -

Paul de Paiva - owner ; Mark Carty - owner - Fishermansdeli

for giving me the opportunity to get involved in Recruitment while working at Fishermansdeli.

Web-Project Fishermansdeli -

Paul de Paiva - owner ; 

Lara Wentzel - Owner Deplin 

HR Training -

Marycke Eloff - Training at Fishermansdeli while working with her as the HR Manager; ongoing support. (Initial Logo ; T&C's of Smart Placements)

Contracts and On-going Guidance and support and friend -

Eugenie Deale

Guidance and support and friend -

Charmaine Els -Be Revived

Guidance and On-going Guidance -

Wendy Kaufman - Clinical Psychologist - Life Coach

"The world as we have created it,

is a process of our thinking.

it cannot be changed


changing our thinking"

Albert Einstein



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